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As part of its enabling legislation, the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council (PHC4) collects approximately 5.2 million inpatient and ambulatory/outpatient records combined each year from hospitals and freestanding ambulatory surgery centers in Pennsylvania. This data, which includes facility charges and treatment information, is collected on a quarterly basis and is subjected to standard validation processes by PHC4 and verified for accuracy by the facilities.

PHC4 shares this data with the public not only through public reports and interactive databases on its website, but also through special data request purchases. For a fee, businesses, organizations, or individuals can request standard "ready-to-use" data from PHC4 or custom data that is generated based upon specific areas of interest and analyzed for specific needs. Furthermore, PHC4 can link its data to other data sources, such as the Pennsylvania vital statistics data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, providing even greater value to customers.

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