About the Council - Council Committees

Data Systems Committee

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Data Systems Committee is to provide direction to the Council in fulfilling its statutory goals of data collection and dissemination. This includes establishing priorities on public reports, coordinating data collection with other state agencies, and ensuring the timely collection of provider and payor data; anticipate changes in the health care system in order to identify and plan for appropriate collection, analysis and presentation of relevant data; review and recommend to the Council policies and procedures relative to the content and structure of the PHC4 database; conduct administrative direction and oversight of Council operations relative to data collection and analysis, including review of Council budget activities, purchase/lease of equipment and issuance of RFP’s; confer with the Technical Advisory Group on clinical, statistical and other complicated health issues that will be reflected in the preparation, analysis and dissemination of health information from PHC4.

Education Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Education Committee is to promote the awareness, understanding, use and sale of the data collected and the information developed by the Council in order to promote informed decisions by purchasers, policy makers and consumers of health care services in Pennsylvania, as well as to enhance the value and quality of the health care delivered.

Mandated Benefits Review Committee

A staff of health care professionals support the Council’s mandate through the collection, analysis, and reporting of cost and quality data about health care services in the state.